The Metopes

They are slabs fitted between the triglyphs and shielded on top by cornices.At the Parthenon there were 92 metopes, all decorated in high relief, quite unique in the history of Greek architecture. The representations on these slabs were derived from Greek mythology. The majority depicts the favorite theme of ancient Greek art, the struggle. The Metopes of the east side depict the “Gigantomachy,” the struggle of the Olympian gods against the giants for the establishment of the cosmic order which the giants had tried to overturn. Thirteen out of fourteen metopes on the eastern “divine” side show a god, on foot or in a chariot, battling against a giant. The final metope, on the right hand side, shows the chariot of Helios, the sun god.

NORTH:   Trojan War

SOUTH:   Battle of Greeks and centaurs

EAST:   Olympian gods fighting giants

WEST:   Greeks against Amazons

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