• East Pediment

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In ancient Greece, the east side of all temples was the most sacred one, and the sculptures there depicted the most divine scenes. Fittingly, the altar was also placed on this side and the faithful gathered there. The birth of Athena on top of Mt. Olympus is depicted on the east pediment. This theme refers to the birth of Democracy in Athens, which could only be established through Wisdom. The gods of Olympus honor this divine moment with their presence. The dominant figure of Zeus stands at the center of the pediment. Next to him stand Athena and Hephaistos who, according to myth, split Zeusĺs head with an axe to release Athena. The other figures next to Zeus include Hera, Poseidon, Hermes, Aris, Apollo with his lyre and Artemis. On the left, the reclined and naked figure of Dionysus can be seen holding a vessel. Next to him stands Demeter with her daughter Persephone sitting on chests. Their figures are naturally depicted and fit perfectly inside the pediment. The figures of the sun rising and the moon setting are placed at the corners of the pediment, implying that the birth took place at dawn.
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