Harry Koutsoyiannis
Design-Decelopment of the comic and the website

Valia Kapadai
Drawings of comic and website

Elena Korka
Text supervision for comic and website

Dimitris Hatziangelu
Texts for the website

Margarita Kirkinezou
Translations of comic and website

Peter Schultz
English text editing for the comic

Yasmine Mazhari
English text editing for the website

I would like to thank my friend Jules Dassin, President of the Melina Mercouri Foundation and his
assistant Paulina Tzeirani, who have as with Mrs. Evi Touloupa tried to make it possible for the
comic to be distributed on the Acropolis. Also I would like to acknowledge the superb work of the
British Committee headed by Mrs. Eleni Cubitt for the restitution of the Parthenon Marbles.

Additionally I would like to show my heart-felt appreciation
for all the journalists and bookstores, which have as with many individuals,
helped the distribution and promotion of the book.
© Copyright 2003 : Amir Sobati